Living in the BIG flat was a good experience all in all. I met fun people and had easy access to the center of Barcelona. There was always something going on in the area and I enjoyed walking among people in cozy streets. The apartment was modern and had a good kitchen for cooking your own food. Almost all necessary household items were to be found. The apartment lacks central heating and can be quite cold during the colder months. To my knowledge the surrounding streets can be slightly uneasy during late hours although I did not have any experiences of that kind during my stay at the flat. When I was wondering something it was easy to talk to the landlord who was very helpful always.



La mia permanenza a Barcellona è stata stupenda ed è stato in parte merito delle persone che vivevano con me nell’appartamento e con cui avrò un’amicizia a distanza per il resto della vita! La cosa migliore è che ho potuto prenotare dall’Italia una camera singola per 3 mesi senza dover passare ore a cercare annunci di affitti e a contattare persone per visitare gli appartamenti una volta arrivata in città, quindi è stato molto veloce e sicuro. Ripeterei l’esperienza perché amo vivere in una zona centralissima e spostarmi sempre a piedi, inoltre se sei impegnata/o il servizio di pulizie settimanale risulta utilissimo e il team.

 the BIG flat è sempre a disposizione.



I stayed in the Born flat with my boyfriend for 4 months. We where overall very happy with our stay. The flat had everything one could need, from kitchen supplies to cleaning supplies etc.

Whenever there was a problem which was not very often) it was easy to reach our host and he would be there to fix it asap!

Everything went smooth from moving in to moving out, I would recommend everyone to stay with the BIG flat.



I have very much enjoyed my stay in the BIG flat, mostly because of the very convenient positioning with regards to the city center and my internship at that time; moreover, the rules were very clear from the beginning, and because of the rules everything was kept clean, in order and organized, which for me was the most appealing part of the flat. If anything was missing or you needed more plates or whatever, simply ask the team and they will provide it for you. One downside of the flat is the limited supply of hot water. You mostly live with 3 people in one apartment, if you are the last person to take a shower, highly likely you will have cold water unfortunately. (Do not know if this is the case all apartments) .

the BIG flat is not an enormous party house, the team expects you to be quiet around 10-11 so people that have work, internship and school can sleep without disturbance. This was crucial for my completion of the thesis. In conclusion, I do recommend this place to anyone going to Barcelona!