The Big flat is a small private company and we have our habitants’ best interest at heart, since we once found ourselves in the same position as you – looking for a room in Barcelona. We love BCN as much as we love to travel, meet new people from all over the world and get to know different languages, cultures and lifestyles. WE are YOU, just a little bit more settled and experienced when it comes the city which already Gaudí, Hemingway and Dalí adored.


Our goal is it to provide you with a new home, even when it is only for a short period of time, where you can instantly make new friends and discover the city with. Also, we always have an open ear for any of your questions, needs and wants and will certainly try to help you with all your issues which may come along during your stay in one of our apartments. Apart from being part of ‘the Big flat’ we are also active citizens of Barcelona which technically makes us tour-guides, but its just not what fills us with joy just as providing you a place to stay. So, don’t hesitate, we will fit you in this city if you want.